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These are pieces of advice for guys, who are not sure what to do, when dating a girl from top class escort service in Gurgaon and just a thought before everything else you will need to bear in mind that every lady working in this industry has their own way of doing things.

Let’s surmise that you’ve visited the photo gallery of the escort agency and that you found  profiles call girls online and you have selected the girl that you feel is right for you that can be college girls or model girls, then you decided to make a booking after you were made to choose between an incall and outcall arrangement. You chose outcall, so the escort could come to your home or 3/4/5 star hotels and just thinking that she is coming makes you already nervous, so you wait and finished the first whisky with your luxury escorts. Beware don’t try to have a second! As being drunk on a date with the escort girl is not at all a good thing, as we are sure that she will not appreciate it at all. Control your nervousness and everything will be alright.

In preparation for her arrival

Since you thought it is best to meet your high class girl at your home, you informed the escort service of the same. However, simultaneously you need to be informed that your living space should be spotlessly clean, especially your bedroom and bathroom, as these are the very same places where you will be spending most of your time and it is very important to keep these clean to acail the service of delhi escort. Have some clean towels and nice-smelling soap ready in your bathroom too and It is always good to spray an air freshener in your entire house, slightly before she arrives, so that she’s attracted to you, thinking of the fact that you are concerned about her and hence looked into the hygiene aspect of your home with utmost precision.

Dating a girl from escort service in Gurgaon is similar to going on a date with your real life girlfriend or just a friend; you make efforts to appear well dressed and clean.  Take a shower; brush your teeth and gurgle a bit of mouthwash. The female escort will appreciate your looks and the feeling that you smell fresh as the saying goes: “First Impression is the Best Impression”.

And then your girl arrives

When your escort service in Gurgaon arrives, welcome her with a smile. Let her in and show self-restrain and treat her like a guest, who regularly visits you at your home.  Firstly, allow your high profile escort to get used to her surroundings. Then offer her water or go with her and take a tour of the house.

Hand your class escort the envelope containing her financial compensation for the service at the start of the date itself or keep it on the table, as some escorts prefer. Be prompt in doing this, so you can both focus your attention on the “fun” activity that will soon follow. Unless you have paid your escort in Gurgaon, do not try to make advances on her.  Keep your grabby hands off her and stay away from giving her numerous touches of your lips. These actions will make her feel uneasy and awkward. This will put her mood off and once a gal’s mood is off, you won’t get what you desire. You pay her, doesn’t mean you have bought her.

She might conduct a hygiene and health check on you

Before the “main event”, your girl from the escort agency might do a health check by looking at your “bird”, to ensure there is nothing that needs the attention of a doctor.  This is important to safeguard the health of the Gurgaon escort girl and she alone can take care of herself and in this way she too ensures that she’s free of all illnesses, when she comes to meet you. This may be a little hard on you. But with a good escort from escort service in Gurgaon near rajiv Chowk. You’ll really have fun and forget about this part.

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If you’re not sure how to get things started

This is the difficult part of your meeting. Everyone might have a different style of dealing with dames and it’s difficult to learn. This from someone and come, as it’s not possible for anybody to teach someone all these things. Getting private and personal with a damsel that you just met is an experience that is quite fascinating. You Can only experience will make you realize the exact feeling. Perhaps you could start off with some chatting, each holding a glass of wine on the sofa or bed. Then you could both do some hugging and kissing and then get into the next step.

Let the highly educated escort set the pace, if you are not sure about this by telling her. That you are nervous and that it is your first time would be a good idea, moreover. Do not be ashamed to admit your lack of experience in this, as the lady will surely understand.

Other Short Notes

    • It is important to practice safe sex, so follow what the model escort tells you.  She will provide the condoms as a contraceptive and protection against infection and also the lube. You can ask her to put the condom for you.
    • Before finishing up, you will need to give the girl from escort service in Gurgaon. Some 10 – 15 minutes to prepare herself before leaving. She can take a shower and collect her things, during this time.
    • Give her your thanks for the good time and it is not necessary to promise her. That you will make another booking soon. You may give her a tip, if you really want to, but it’s totally up to you. It’s not mandatory at all, hence she wouldn’t expect it either.
  • These very pieces of advice are also applicable, when you hire independent escorts and Indian escorts.

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